About Sean O'BrienShort Bio

I’m a professional Web/Front-End Developer and System Administrator with expertise in cybersecurity, privacy, and mobile device forensics.   I launched my first website in 1997 and have been working with computers ever since.  I’m a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) advocate and GNU/Linux educator, but most people know me as the friendly neighborhood geek.  I live in New Haven, Connecticut with my phenomenal wife on our urban homestead.


I hold an M.A.Ed. in Educational Technology and a B.A. in Interactive Digital Media from the University of Connecticut. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Law at the University of South Africa. My supervisor is Prof. Sieg Eiselen and my focus is Technology and Comparative International Law.

Professional Work

I’m the Asst. Director for Technology at Yale Office of International Students & Scholars. My duties there are broad, but my focus is Web Development.

Non-profit & Volunteer

I founded Yale Privacy Lab, where I focus on digital privacy and security curriculum as the Lab Director.  Privacy Lab is an initiative of the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, where I teach the Cyber Freedom & Security reading group.  I’m also a board member of MakeHaven, a local non-profit makerspace.

Articles, Interviews, & Press

Work Samples


See my secure contact info in my profile at https://privacylab.yale.edu/directory