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Sean O'Brien is a Web developer, free software advocate, & digital educator in New Haven, CT

Development. Naturally.

"The trick is to make sure that each limited mechanical part of the Web, each application, is within itself composed of simple parts..." ~ Tim Berners-Lee

I Get Libre

I build upon Open-Source software to create rich Web applications. The Free Software philosophy is central to my personal and professional life. GNU/Linux, the LAMP stack, git, and Free Culture works help me to Get Things Done.

I Know Modular

I believe the best solutions are comprised of simple elements. As a general guideline, I adhere to the Unix Philosophy. I assemble modular components into useful, user-focused applications.

I'm The Graphic Type

I love crisp and fresh typography. I create vector and raster art using GIMP and Inkscape, but I cut my teeth on the Adobe Creative Suite. Clean CSS and SVG graphics are hallmarks of my work.

I'm Into Interfaces

I'm a software junkie and have a broad range of experience with all kinds of interfaces. The User Experience is central to my work, and I believe the best corners of the Web are the ones that are embracing KISS and de facto standards like Bootstrap.

I Grok Security

I understand privacy, security, and anonymity and I regularly facilitate workshops in Connecticut around those topics. I am an affiliate of the Yale Information Society Project and have the privilege of leading Cryptoparties for them, as well as helping with more academic events.

I Can Hack

The Hacker Dictionary's description of "playful cleverness" does a good job of capturing my approach to technology. I'm proud of the hacker ethic and legacy, and love to take things apart and put them back together. It's a great way to learn.

My Interests AFK

“The ultimate goal of the Web is to support and improve our weblike existence in the world.” ~ Tim Berners-Lee

  • Tinkering
  • Homebrewing
  • Community
  • Gardening

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